Wedding Stationery Elements Explained – Part I

When it comes to choosing between the Wedding Stationery Elements that you’ll need (and those that are just nice to have) it can become a little confusing when you may not know what each element is and what it’s used for!?!

So in this post, I’ll be sharing with you the most popular Wedding Stationery Elements with a brief explanation of their purpose, so that you can make an informed decision on the pieces that you may or may not need.

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So let’s start at the beginning there are Pre Wedding Elements, On the Day Stationery Elements and Post Wedding Elements…

As you can probably imagine, it’s quite a long list which is why I’ll be splitting this post into multiple parts!

Let’s look at the Pre Wedding Elements:

Engagement Announcements – These cards are used to formally announce your Engagement to your family and friends – but they’re not so common these days as we have Facebook and Instagram for that of course!

Engagement Party Invitations – Send these out to your family and friends to formally invite them to your Engagement Party. (But please don’t make the mistake of sending these to anyone you know you do not intend on inviting to your actual Wedding).

Will You Be My _____? Cards – These cards are a relatively new trend that has popped up on the Wedding Scene and they are simply cards that you send to members of your Bridal Party asking them to be part of your day. So they could be Will You Be My Maid of Honour?, You Be My Bridesmaid?, Will You Be My Flower Girl?, Will You Be My Best Man? and so on..?

Save the Date Cards – These are a little card that you may send to your guests as a way to ask them to ‘save your Wedding date’. It’s advisable to send these out if your Wedding is; falling on a busy holiday period, if it is overseas, if you are asking your guests not to bring their children.

Hen/Bridal Shower Invitations – If you’re having a Hen Night/Weekend or a Bridal Shower, you may want to send out an Invitation to your friends to formally invite them.

Rehearsal/Welcome Dinner Invitations – Wedding Rehearsal Dinners and Welcome Dinners are still very popular, as such if you would like to extend an invitation to specific guests, sending them a formal invite is ideal.

Wedding Invitations (Day Guests) – Your Wedding Invitations are the most important stationery elements, as not only do they provide your guests with all the important information for your day, but they also set the tone for your day.

Wedding Invitation (Evening Guests) – If you’re having an Evening Reception and only inviting certain guests to attend (who won’t be invited to the Ceremony and Wedding Breakfast), they will need to be sent an Invitation that only contains all the details for your evening celebrations.

Love, Leonie xx

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